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dir. Manon Turina, François Marques / France / 2023 / 85’ / Polish premiere

Green City Life




Kinoteka, plac Defilad 1, Warszawa, Polska

Director(s): Manon Turina, François Marques
Writer(s): Manon Turina, François Marques
Graphics and animation: Mess Bessad
Editing: Manon Aussel
Sound: Manon Aussel, Christophe Girod
Music: Maxime Tisné-Versailles
Producer(s): Manon Turina, François Marques
Production: Jour2Fête Production, Dao Production, Le Lokal Production
World sales: The Party Film Sales
Language(s): French, English, Spanish



How do we build the city of tomorrow? One that combines the benefits of the countryside with the advantages of the urban world? Manon and François, two young city dwellers, traveled between Mexico, Europe, and the US in search of concrete and revolutionary initiatives at every scale that bring nature back to the heart of cities. Accompanied by associations, business leaders, and city experts, they provide inspiring ideas to propel cities into the 21st century: from revegetation to urban farming and bio-waste recovery. By establishing the link between all these solutions, they offer us their vision of what the green city of tomorrow could be, calling on government, private companies, and citizens to take action.



CPH:DOX, Seoul International Eco Film Festival, Cinema Jove International Film Festival



Manon, a professional in communications and an expert in the domain of innovation, always has sparks in her eyes when it is about putting her stone in the building for an ecological project. Passionate about graphic design, discovering innovative projects, and traveling since her childhood, she is the explorer of modern times. Graduated from a reputable school in Strategic Management of Innovation, Manon has walked many corridors and meeting rooms of major groups for several years in France and around the world. Innovation Project Manager for the Continental group, Communication Manager for a small business under development and Internal Communication Manager of Northern Europe at the hospitality giant AccorInvest, Manon now wants to give meaning to her life as a city dweller. She wants to invest all her positive energy in an environmentally friendly project for a better future.

François, an optimistic city dweller, spontaneous and curious, is a young professional in search of a new world more in tune with his values. A former communications manager for a renowned ski resort in the French Pyrenees, he always had a pronounced taste for images and audiovisual content creation. Making films has always been the part of his job that satisfied him the most: conceptualizing a story, organizing the shootings, spending a lot of time editing... Always with a creative idea in mind and very meticulous, François now wants to bring his skills to a project that inspires him, to improve the world on his own scale.


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