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dir. Daryna Mamaisur / Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Hungary / 2023 / 17’ / Polish premiere

I Stumble Every Time I Hear From Kyiv




Kinoteka, plac Defilad 1, Warszawa, Polska

Director(s): Daryna Mamaisur
Writer(s): Daryna Mamaisur
Cinematography: Shaheen Ahmed, Tetiana Usova (images from Kyiv), Daryna Mamaisur
Editing: Daryna Mamaisur
Sound: Laura Castillo
Producer(s): Frederik Nicolai, Daryna Mamaisur
Production: DocNomads
World sales: Plivka Films
Language(s): Ukrainian, English



“I have no words to say” is the phrase one can often hear when the reality of the war is so striking that language seems to be incapable of describing it. While studying in Bruxelles, Daryna Mamaisur is caught up in the russian full-scale invasion of her country. In the springtime, when chestnut trees are blooming at the same time in Brussels and Kyiv, she makes a film capturing that spring in the distance. Keeping a visual correspondence with a friend from Kyiv, she faces the question: while making a film about war, how to speak about the wound that is fresh and ongoing?



Visions du Réel, Docudays UA (Special Mention of Andriy Matrosov Award)



Daryna Mamaisur is a visual artist and filmmaker, born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Having a background in art theory and philosophy, she developed her practice at the intersection of different disciplines. Her works were related to transformations of public space, and landscape due to their connection to visual culture and memory. Besides, she is particularly interested in situations when language and vocal expression appear fragile and incapable of seizing reality. In 2022, she graduated from the DocNomads, a joint master’s program in documentary filmmaking, based in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. Her films participated in the film festivals Kasseler Dokfest, Visions du Réel, FIDMarseille, Docudays UA, among others.


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