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Dir. Phuong Mai Nguyen, Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette / France / 2020 / 33’ / Polish premiere




Directors: Phuong Mai Nguyen, Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette
Screenplay: Emilie Valentin, Elise Benroubi
Storyboard artists: Phuong Mai Nguyen, Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette
Character design: Sarah Saidan
Music: Fred Avril
Adapted from: “Culottées. Des Femmes qui ne font que ce qu'elles veulent” by Pénélope Bagieu (published by Editions Gallimard in 2016-2017)
Producers: Priscilla Bertin, Judith Nora, Arnaud Colinart
Production: Silex Films
World sales: MIAM! Animation
Language: French



In Athens of the 4th century BC, a young girl dresses up as a man to study medicine and help women. In New York at the end of the 19th century, another girl pretends to be sick to bring to light the cruel treatment of patients in psychiatric hospitals.
“Brazen” is a journey around the globe: from Australia to Liberia, from Afghanistan to France, from Greece to the United States, and again around the world. And also a journey in time: from the present day to antiquity.
Each episode is a witty biography of a different fascinating woman. This mosaic brings together a pioneer in investigative journalism and an astronaut, social worker and inventor, silent movie star and a young rapper. Artists and sportswomen, organizers of protests and activists. This animated series for young audiences was made on the basis of the comic “Culottées” by Pénélope Bagieu, and commissioned by French public television. The protagonists of the ten episodes selected by the HER Docs Film Festival are: Annette Kellermann, Nellie Bly, Leymah Gbowee, Mae Jemison, Sonita Alizadeh, Christine Jorgensen, Thérèse Clerc, Agnodike, Betty Davis and Hedy Lamarr. (Klara Cykorz)


Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Animation Festival, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Animac, Manchester Animation Festival, Brest European Short Film Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, Pariscience - Festival International du Film Scientifique, Lady Filmmakers Festival, Animasyros International Animation Festival, Off Courts Trouville, Best Shorts Competition USA (Award of Merit), Los Angeles Animation Festival (Best Animation for Children), Awareness Festival (Special Jury Prize), BIAF - Bucheon International Animation Festival (Special Distinction Prize BIAF), Festival national du film d’animation, California Women’s Film Festival, Ficam - Festival International de Cinéma d'Animation de Meknès


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Phuong Mai Nguyen
Phuong Mai Nguyen graduated from L’École des Gobelins in 2009, and from La Poudrière in 2011. As an animation director, she directed several short films such as the multi-award-winning “My Home” (“Chez Moi”), which has been preselected for the French Césars Awards and shorlisted for the Oscars® in 2016. She has also been in charge of the graphic design and character design on several short films.

Charlotte Cambon de Lavalette
Charlotte Cambon graduated from L’École des Gobelins in 2012, and from La Poudrière in 2014. Recently, she directed the short film “Dans un petit bateau” for the collection «En sortant de l’école» broadcasted on France 2, and an animated movie about French poet Guillaume Apollinaire for the TED-Ed YouTube channel.




Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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