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Dir. Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess / Australia / 2019 / 71’




Directors: Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess
Cinematography: Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess
Editing: Julie-Anne De Ruvo
Sound: John Kassab, Doron Kipen ASSG
Music: Jordan Gilmour
Producer: Karina Astrup
Production: House of Gary
World sales: Juno Films
Language: English



After 20 years as a dutiful housewife stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage, Morgana has had enough of her dreary life. Desperately lonely and starved of intimacy, she books a male escort for one last hurrah before ending it all. Her final night takes an unexpected turn when her relationship with the escort opens up a new world of personal and sexual freedom. After hearing about a competition for first time erotic filmmakers, Morgana directs and stars in a film about her own story, “Duty-Bound”. Unexpectedly, she wins the contest, catapulting her into the international Feminist Porn community and taking her from Australia to Berlin. Life merges with art as Morgana uses erotic filmmaking as a tool for creative catharsis, while struggling with demons from her past. “Morgana” is an artistic character portrait of a 50-year-old housewife, who re-invents herself as a sex-positive feminist porn star.


Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, FIC Monterrey International Film Festival, FIDBA – Buenos Aires Int’l Documentary Film Festival, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Merlinka Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival DOCS, OMOVIES International Film Festival, Festival Feministes, FEMCINE, ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Fringe! Queer Arts and Film Festival, Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, Gold Coast Film Festival, LGBT Film Festival


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Isabel Peppard
Isabel Peppard is a highly skilled multi-disciplinary artist who works across the mediums of film, sculpture and stop-motion animation. Her multi-award winning work has screened at top-tier festivals, including Melbourne International Film Festival, Sitges and Annecy, as well as at art institutions such as GOMA (QLD), MOMA (Rio De Janeiro) and ACMI (Melbourne). Her short film “Butterflies” (starring Rachel Griffiths) won the Dendy Award at the Sydney International Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on SBS Television. Isabel regularly exhibits at the Beinart Gallery - an international surrealist art collective, is currently writing a live action/animation hybrid horror feature and is developing a short stop motion animated Virtual Reality project. Isabel’s work uses gothic fairytale and handmade symbolic elements to tell humane stories of existential horror and personal transformation.

Josie Hess
Josie Hess is an award-winning filmmaker working across horror, comedy, documentary and porn. Josie’s work has included extensive collaborations with Permission4Pleasure producer Morgana Muses and co-directing their first feature documentary “Morgana”, which premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival. Josie produced “The Grave of Saint Oran”, a short stop-motion film based on a poem by Neil Gaiman with director Jim Batt, premiering at Sydney International Film Festival. Josie’s film work has also made waves in the porn world, with “Labia of Love” winning Hottest Artful Porn Award at the Toronto International Porn Awards and also picking up Best Fetish Film for “Having my Cake”.




Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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