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dir. Oleksandra Tsapko / Switzerland / 2023 / 6’ / Polish premiere

The Bee




Kinoteka, plac Defilad 1, Warszawa, Polska

Director(s): Oleksandra Tsapko
Writer(s): Oleksandra Tsapko
Cinematography: Oleksandra Tsapko, Oleksandr Bichuk, Anastasiia Brek
Editing: Oleksandra Tsapko
Sound: Oleksandra Tsapko
Music: Laurie Spiegel, Oleksandra Tsapko, Suzanne Ciani, Terry Riley & Don Cherry
Producer(s): Oleksandra Tsapko
Production: Oleksandra Tsapko
World sales: Oleksandra Tsapko
Language: Ukrainian



A surrealistic exploration of the unbearable burden that every Ukrainian who was forced to flee their home with the outbreak of war experiences every day. The film is a testament to the artists’ ability to transform their personal pain into art that speaks to the universal human experience. The bee symbolizes the weight of emotions that can lead to numbness if ignored, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and accepting the realities of war and its aftermath. The film serves as a reminder that the war is real, the pain is real, and it is our responsibility to engage with it rather than turn a blind eye to it. The work invites viewers to contemplate the depth of human existence and to experience the universality of the human condition, despite its complexities and difficulties.





Oleksandra Tsapko was born in 2002 in Kyiv, where she lived until 2022. She currently lives in Zurich, where she studies at the Zurich University of Arts (ZHDK). In her works, she mainly uses contrasts and primary colors, combining them with a bit of pop. This applies not only to her visual works, but also to music pieces, which she creates in the experimental synth pop style. More recently, she has also started working with movie scripting, filming and editing, as well as curating exhibitions. Through all the creative dimensions of her works she tries to reconstruct the sense of inevitability of traumatic experiences and realities by sarcastically depicting painful moments and withdrawing into a colorful world.


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