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Dir. Dafne Lechuga Maroto, Laura D'Angeli, Maria Colomer Canyelles / Denmark, Italy / 2020 / 26’ / Polish premiere




Directors: Dafne Lechuga Maroto, Laura D’Angeli, Maria Colomer Canyelles
Screenplay: Dafne Lechuga Maroto, Laura D’Angeli, Maria Colomer Canyelles
Cinematography: Dafne Lechuga Maroto
Editing: Laura D’Angeli
Sound: Maria Colomer Canyelles, Jacob Schill
Music: Daniel Basse
Producers: Dafne Lechuga Maroto, Laura D’Angeli, Maria Colomer Canyelles
Production: University of Copenhagen, Department of Film & Media Studies
World sales: University of Copenhagen, Department of Film & Media Studies
Language: Italian



“Eigtheen” tells the story of Ansou Fall, a young man from Senegal, who came to Italy as an unaccompanied minor. Now, Ansou is turning eighteen and trying to figure out the messy process of becoming an adult.


Nordisk Panorama


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Dafne Lechuga Maroto
Dafne Lechuga Maroto has worked as a videographer, film editor and multimedia designer. She has a background in video editing and analogue photography. During her BA in Audiovisual Communication, she attended the course “PhotoArt: the new photography” at Factoria Cultural and where she further developed her visual skills. In 2018 she interned at the The Why Foundation as a trailer editor with her work being broadcasted on BBC, followed by another internship at the CPH:DOX where she performed as a videographer. There she filmed directors’ debates and organized a talk with the filmmaker Karim Ainoüz, Zachary Whyte - a scholar in Migration Studies at the Copenhagen University and a Danish painter Mathilde Fenger who discussed the role of art in the contemporary migration crisis.

Laura D’Angeli
Laura D'Angeli is currently working on a feature documentary film in Ragusa, Sicily, while also working as a video producer for a Danish start-up. She has a background in film curatorship, fine arts and worked as a restorer in the Archeological Museum of Naples. She also worked as a film programmer at the Cineteca di Bologna, helped "HF Productions" in the selection of independent documentary films for various film festivals around Europe, and was part of the Young Jury for IsReal Festival in 2020. She also writes for some film magazines, such as the Danish "Skuelyst" and the Italian "Filmidee", where she has contributed with several articles and film reviews. Currently she works as a researcher at the Venice Biennale Archives.

Maria Colomer Canyelles
In the last five years, Maria Colomer has worked as a producer, assistant director and screenwriter at the following documentary film companies: Docsville, Boogaloo Films, Gulbrandsen Films and The Why Foundation, where she still works as a producer of the documentary series "Why Stories". She has written, together with the directors Alberto Dexeus and Ànnia Gabarró, her first feature film "Les Perseides", which premiered at BAFICI in 2019. She has also produced and assisted the directors of the Visual Album "Neo Europa", directed by the art-collective Capital Fluxus, which premiered at Teater Momentum - Odense as the second act of the play "16:29" in 2019. In regards to her main passion, documentaries, she has assisted the filmmaker Miguel Angel Blanca in the process of making “Magaluf Ghost Town”, and the documentary filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen.




Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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