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Interspecies Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp

Dir. WetMeWild (Justyna Górowska, Ewelina Jarosz), in cooperation with Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens / USA / 2021 / 20’ / world premiere




Concept: Dr Ewelina Jarosz
Artistic director and AR specialist: Dr Justyna Górowska
Director of the performance: Dr Joy Brooke Fairfield
Costumes: Martyna Koltun @martyna_koltun



Inspired by the ecosexual weddings by Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, cyber-nympho artist-brides, Ewelina Jarosz and Justyna Górowska have married the brine shrimp. The interspecies ceremony was witnessed by the public in the multispecies documentary movie “Anti-monument to the Shrimp: An Ecosexual Love Story”, enhanced with augmented reality technology. The brides encourage others to love, honor and cherish the resilient brine shrimp and learn about the perils they and their ecosystem face. The vows to the brine shrimp of the Great Salt Lake were made on the Rozel Point peninsula near the “Spiral Jetty” (1970), a land art work by Robert Smithson. The digital ecosexual ceremony was the first more-than-human wedding event in the world using Augmented Reality to create the brine shrimp brides/grooms out of digital air. Every person using an Android smartphone is able to enjoy being in digital nature and explore the posthuman community in augmented reality thanks to Artemia App.

Video artwork realized for the HER Docs Film Festival 2021.


HER Docs Film Festival (world premiere)


Lan_You_Director photo.jpg

Justyna Górowska (WetMeWild)
Hydrofeminist ecosexual artist and collaborator in the interdisciplinary projects, including art, technology, and social activism. Through performative and interactive experiences of advanced technologies and digital art her projects raise awareness of societal and environmental collapse. Born in 1988, she is based in Skawa in the Western Beskid mountains of Poland. She received her PhD from the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies, University of Arts in Poznan. Her projects were presented i.a. in Berlin (Freies Museum, 2009), Quebec City (Le Lieu Gallery, 2014), Jakarta (National Gallery of Indonesia, 2016), Warsaw (Museum of Modern Art, 2017), and New York (Art in General, 2017). See more at:

Ewelina Jarosz (underwateractivist)
Hydrosexual scholar/performative artist and collaborator in the interdisciplinary projects on environmental art. Her current research interests include blue humanities, blue media, and environmental art. She is an assistant professor at the Department of Media and Cultural Research at the Pedagogical University of KEN in Krakow, and the author of the forthcoming book on American art “Ponowoczesny model recepcji malarstwa barwnego pola” (Polish Institute of World Art Studies/TAKO, Warsaw-Torun 2021). She lectured at the American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw (ASC), the University of Arts in Poznan, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Two-time scholarship recipient of the Kościuszko Foundation Scholarship (2010/11 and 2021). In 2011 awarded with The Clifford and Mary Corbridge Trust Scholarship.




Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
Red Stains
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